The Artists in Absentia Voicemail

Please call 608.291.6212 to record a voice message describing your reaction to the art. What did you like? What struck or surprised you? Which were your favorite pieces? Your responses will be made public as audio files here unless you request otherwise. You may, but are not required to, leave your name.

Making Justice

A UW-Madison class visited the exhibition space at the Central Library to participate in a workshop designed as part of the Bubbler residency program. Students were asked to write a ten-word play in response to any piece of art on display in the room.

WRitten and visual REsponses

Visit the Bubbler to write or draw a response. Some sheets also provide prompts used in the classes from which submissions to the exhibition were drawn. In this way, you may develop a creative dialogue with the artists in absentia. Click on an image below to enlarge.